Nomination Criteria

To qualify to receive the Sunbites Good Fuel Fund, the local charity hero nominated must work or be affiliated with a charity that meets one of the below criteria with additional guardrails noted below:

  1. Works with a charity registered by the Australian Charities and Non-for-profits commission (ACNC)
  2. Works with a non-for-profit as registered with the Australian Government
  3. Works with a Community Service Organisation. The Community Service Organisation must meet the below criteria: promote, provide or carry out activities, facilities or projects for the benefit or welfare of the community or any members who have a particular need by reason of youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social or economic circumstances.
  4. Active volunteer at the charity and has strong connection with charity and cause AND
  5. The charity connected with the local charity hero has an ‘authority to fundraise’ as identified by a Charitable Fundraising Licence as acknowledged by the state in which they are registered in


Local Heroes and charities who accept the donation understand that they will be committing promotional and marketing activities promoting the nominated person and charity as a result to increase awareness of their charity work. Details will be provided by Sunbites prior to accepting the Good Fuel Fund.

Sunbites has the right to revoke the donation if the charity does not meet the above criteria upon further investigation. 

Eligibility around Nominations

(Please see full T&Cs for additional details) 

To be eligible for the donation, the person or person/s associated charity must be nominated. Nominations can be entered by anyone who would like to acknowledge a local charity that fits the selection criteria.

Eligible nominations will only be counted via the nomination form on the Sunbites official website (

Whilst users can comment on a social post and recommend a local charity hero, official nominations will only count via the nomination form. 

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